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She doesn’t have a waist; her midsection is just straight. Her scars will fade with time but I think the doctor could have removed more excess skin than he did. Her skin was stretched out for so many years, I don’t think it will shrink back on it’s own. I actually watched the show last night just to see how the surgery turned out. It also doesn’t look like surgery got rid of all of her turkey neck either from how she looked on the show. I congratulate her for loosing so much weight but unless she commits to a complete lifestyle change, she won’t stay a size 4, 6, 8,10 or whatever. Alana is going to have a life full of health problems unless she gets her weight under control. June has gone through a tremendous body change. I would think that would encourage her daughters to adopt a healthier lifestyle after seeing what June went through to get there.

Kenya Moore Bids Farewell to Real Housewives of Atlanta

For the second season premiere, TLC distributed “Watch ‘N’ Sniff” cards, allowing viewers to release scents correlating with specific scenes. Ratings and reception[ edit ] The series premiere episode attained a 1. Fox News convention coverage was second in the time period with a 1. Club called the first episode a “horror story posing as a reality television program,” [16] with others worrying about potential child exploitation. You know this show is exploitation. Maybe even Mama and HBB know it, deep down in their rotund bodies.

In February, Mama June opened up to In Touch about dating — and said that she’d even like to marry one day! “I have been doing a little bit [of] dating.

Dropping pounds—she’s now around —the reality TV star stunned the world last year with the reveal of her size 4 physique and totally new look. So the magic question is: One of her best-kept secrets? She sleeps in until 1 p. You May Also Like: After numerous surgeries, Mama June is now showing off her new body. From Not to Hot, Mama June’s weight loss transformation is finally revealed.

From Not to Hot, which debuts tomorrow—teases that she’s now a size 4. How This Woman Lost 75 Pounds and 6 Dress Sizes After gastric bypass surgery, Mama June underwent another surgery to remove the excess skin that was left behind after the weight was gone.

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Share shares Not only struck with deep aches, June tries to remain calm in case there was an ‘internal problem’, which could mean ‘a blood clot or a leakage in the [gastric] sleeve’ following her operations. Ready to pass out: After making her big debut at her ex Sugar Bear’s wedding, Mama June Shannon woke up crippled with pain so bad that she felt faint It’s clear that medical help is needed, so Alana and her older sister Lauryn call on the family bodyguard Luke to help.

When June says she ‘can’t even get up’ her bodyguard Luke supports her but explains that if she can’t get up on her own, they’ll have to call an ambulance, eventually taking the reality star to the hospital The clip ends in suspense, with the sound of sirens wailing in the background as Alana screams ‘Oh my god, mama!

TLC has reportedly given “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” the boot after a report surfaced on Thursday claiming that June Shannon—aka Mama June—was dating a convicted child molester.

Kenya has bid us all a fond adieu on the Bravo blog! Click through to read. Despite the outlandish theatrics and wild accusations thrown at me during Reunion Part 3, I stand firm in my opinion that Apollo is a nice guy who happens to be in a bad situation. Apollo and I had initially communicated via group text and emails when collaborating on the workout video. We were amiable to one another even after the deal fell through and remained cordial.

Despite his desperate outburst, neither of us acted inappropriately. Holding out hope for an Apollo hookup if a divorce is in the future? It was just as shocking for me to hear him make accusations that I, in effect, propositioned him. So shocking that I had to laugh at just how contrived and rehearsed it was.

‘Honey Boo Boo’s’ Mama June admits relationship with another sex offender

Mama Drama Married to Medicine: In essence, she wants to be adored. Some of these women definitely feel entitled! Simone discloses that their men are speaking a different language. Heavenly meets with her spiritual advisor, and seeks validation that she feels as though people see her on her journey and come at her to test her.

April 05, License. AJ Calloway, Mama June, Honey Boo Boo, and Kenya Crooks pose on the set of ‘Extra’ AJ Calloway, Mama June, Honey Boo Boo, and Kenya Crooks pose on the set of ‘Extra’ on April 5, in New York City.

From Not to Hot, premiering February The audience will get to witness how Kenya Crooks transforms Shannon through intense workouts, changing her eating habits and getting to the root cause of her excessive weight gain. Crooks helps Shannon shred a vast amount of weight from the pounds she had been carrying in preparation for a series of upcoming surgeries and to save her life from obesity-related health issues.

Shannon was given customized meal plans to follow and alternatives from using food as comfort. Crooks helps her through her journey to a fresh start. I taught Mama June how to set those goals and the way in which she responded to stress, helping versus hindering herself.

Mama June: From Not to Hot

Generally, I have a one episode threshold to determine whether or not I can let my brain rot in perpetuity or at least until the season and reunions are over and somehow not feel like a troll. Plagued by yo-yo dieting and weight loss plateaus, Mama June decides she’s going to get weight loss surgery, and the journey begins. Before we get into everything that’s wrong with this picture, it’s worth noting that I genuinely don’t think it’s all Mama June’s fault.

Mama June: From Not To Hot airs on WE TV in the US. We think this is a dazzling story and so do you! Like Metro Entertainment on Facebook for more of this on your news feed.

From physical violence to teen pregnancies to emotional and sexual abuse, what began as a light, silly diversion based around a portly, pint-sized pageant princess quickly turned into an examination of the dark underbelly of child exploitation. Here are the biggest secrets that Honey Boo Boo’s family tried to hide from the public. Don’t be too distracted by Mama June’s From Not to Hot body to remember just how dysfunctional this clan can get. Mama June is almost blind Getty Images Mama June’s eyesight is so poor that she’s not allowed to drive.

She can often be seen on her TV shows squinting to view info on her phone. In February , People reported that Mama June underwent emergency eye surgery for a detached retina, which was documented on Mama June: From Not to Hot. The surgery had a chance of success, and the recovery hasn’t been easy. Unfortunately, the medical procedures required to save her sight reportedly led her to pack on 25 pounds worth of weight she lost after her gastric sleeve surgery.

That’s my main concern. Cardwell alerted a teacher to the abuse, who then contacted authorities. However, Mama June was allegedly skeptical of her own daughter’s story. You were never there to see it.


Following her epic weight-loss reveal on WE tv’s Mama June: From Not to Hot, ET sat down with the year-old reality star on Tuesday in New York City, where she filled us in on what she’s been doing since undergoing a total body transformation. When I got home Sunday night, I got to sleep in my own bed. I was like, ‘Ahh. Think about it, if you see somebody in a disguise, wouldn’t you say, ‘Who the hell is up underneath there?

Mama June revealed she’s really looking forward to having a normal life again, and can’t wait to splurge on some new clothes.

Kenya Diaries June WEDNESDAY An interesting lead up to what promises to be an interesting trip. The Mama Biashara Emporium is still closed. And so our primary source of income is drier than the proverbial nun’s chuff.

Bryan McDaniels We are just months away from summertime fun. And, of course, many have made resolutions to get in shape but have fallen short of their goals within a few weeks. The average novice quits their workout regimen due to lack of discipline and motivation. Sure you can sign up for an overrated gym with fees; however, if self-motivation is an issue, the gym is not for you. The next option is to find a trainer. Not just any trainer will do. How about getting trainer Kenya Crooks?

Crooks is not your average trainer. He happens to be a celebrity fitness guru with a proven track record sculpting obese bodies. My approach to weight loss is different. I want to improve all phases of your life.


The reality star — who rose to fame as the Shannon family’s matriarch on “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” — wants to find a new man, but has no intention of actually marrying whoever she ends up with. The year-old previously took part in a commitment ceremony with Mike Sugar Bear Thompson, though the couple was never officially married. They split in September

Mama June’s daughter Anna Cardwell has claimed she was molested by her mum’s ex-boyfriend, a convicted sex offender, when she was just eight-years-old, according to reports.

March 14, You’re gonna have some highs, you’re gonna have some lows,” Crooks said. Be committed to that person and don’t let anybody talk you out of that. From Not to Hot,” and Crooks said he has worked his magic as an Atlanta-based celebrity trainer to help June “Mama June” Shannon leave her pound lifestyle behind and shrink down to a size four, an image she’ll reveal in the final episode of the season.

All three episodes that have aired so far can be watched online , and the first episode is available for free. The fourth episode of the seven total scheduled for the season will air on Friday at 10 p. By chance, he helped a woman he met at the Gold’s Gym in Clemson lose 30 pounds in 30 days, and Crooks recalled that was when he realized the potential a career in fitness had to offer him.

He started training others and after finding success in South Carolina, moved to Atlanta to pursue bigger opportunities, he said. Now he said he’s got customers in multiple countries getting “Kenya-fied” and buying into his workout plans and supplements through his online program. Though he had never watched “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” or even necessarily anticipated working with someone like Mama June, he said her weight-loss journey has been an exciting success and has given him another reason to keep moving forward each day.

Once I get a thought, I just go,” Crooks said.

WE tv to Premiere New Docu-Dramedy MAMA JUNE: FROM NOT TO HOT, Today

The Mama Biashara Emporium is still closed. But in the way that has become familiar for those who work with Mama B, other sources of much needed cash have opened up. I spent a couple of hours in a burka and a powerful Glaswegian brogue filming for an art piece that gets weirder as it progresses. Sadly no Upper Class for me this time.

But lovely Virgin did give us a free excess bag on the way and so the 10, cod liver oil capsules and the 8, multivitamins and minerals you would not BELIEVE how heavy health is donated by HTC Health came free of charge. The choice of films is so dire that I watch The Muppets.

In an interview with Women’s Health, Mama June’s personal trainer, Kenya Crooks, described the total overhaul that the reality star made in her diet. null According to the report, Mama June went “cold turkey” on her Mountain Dew Code Red habit, opting for fruit-infused water in its place.

Additionally, she is a TV personality and a public figure. Presently, she is a prominent figure in the media for her appearance in her own family reality show. It premiered from to June possesses American nationality and ethnicity is North American. Her birth name is June Shannon. There is no information on her parents and siblings.

During her mid-teenage period, she gave birth to a child. Education History As per her education or academic education, there is no information available too. Discussing her TV career, she rose to fame after appearing on a TV show with her daughter. Afterward, she starred in her own family reality TV series.

The series premiered from to These are the very little TV shows she has done until now. Rumors and Controversy June is part of many controversies till now.

From Not to Hot