GOT7 – Sunrise (JB Solo)

BTS x Reader Genre: This was the third time today that he had come to yell at you for messing up some documents. You were sort of new at this job, so you had asked your co-worker, Matt, for some help. But turning around to look at him, you were only met with a knowing smirk. Matt looked you up and down, chuckling as he turned back to his computer. Forcing your tears away, you turned back to fix the documents your boss had slammed on the table. Wanna come play video games with us?

BTS JungKook and a Trainee Girl’s Dating Rumors

He stormed back to the room to grab a hat along with a pair of sunglasses as if he knew he was going to lose the argument. He ushered Jaebum to the door who reluctantly slipped on his shoes. I already said okay and texted you all the information.

EP M/V Making Part 3 (click cc for subs) Sources: GOT7 / gif I really liked the the question portion they had for each member because it gives such insight into their heads. Also its interesting to see the bts stuff and how much cgi is used and how much actually wasnt? Im.

Prompt list can be found here! Fluff with self created Jackson angst if that counts None of us were surprised when it happened. A few days after the members of Got7 had cornered Jackson and I into an intervention-style setting to force us to confess our feelings toward each other, Jinyoung gathered the group again, sans Jackson. During the same grand meeting of feelings in which Jackson and I were forced to confess, we had all agreed it would be best if we kept the relationship a secret.

It happened on a Friday. It was a live special; the anniversary of the show with many special guests. In turn, the members jumped from their respective spots in the living room area.

Jonghyun (ft. Taeyeon) – Lonely

He had been away for days, spending his nights at the dorms rather than coming home to see you. You had attempted contacting your boyfriend but nothing seemed to work. No matter what you did, from cooking dinner to stating how desperate you were for his presence, he had not appeared by your side. Tears begged to fall from your swollen eyes, and Jin quickly responded without hesitating.

He had not realized the impact he was having on you. While viewing you crying and simply needing him to be around, he felt his heart break.

Parks dates got7 should date jb dating published. Jackbam are jb dating momo and have netizens and momo and jungyeon are on tripadvisor. S good publicity especially for free dating published.

Worth the Trip Posted 3. Before I stopped my truck, I saw what I wanted. The kids said I was crazy. There was a small version of a washstand sort-of-thing. It had had a mirror, three drawers one needed fixing , and a door which needed to be put back on. I loaded it in my truck and took it to my friend to repair. I think it was worth the trip.

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not there’s any truth to the saying “One man’s junk is another mans treasure,” let me assure you, there is. This is what happened to me.

Is the SM Couple, TaeYeon and BaekHyun, Getting Back Together?

What kind of requests can we make? A snap, scenario, or a ranking NEVER all three at once Snap requests- The type of snap you want can be about anything except something inappropriate. For example, Can I have request snap where JB shows me his member? The pictures can be suggestive to an extent, but nothing like the above Appropriate snap example: May I please have snap request where Bambam tells he loves me but with a silly face.? One person- May I please have request where jackson confesses his love to me?

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Dessert Summary Ben Solo has a problem. He has to have a post-Thanksgiving Family Dinner with a family that won’t shut up about his potential and how he’s not achieving it – especially in his love life. So lots of wine and a stupid suggestion inevitably lead the poor man to Craigslist where he might have found the answer to all of his problems. Rey is a broke college student with bills to pay and not enough time in the day to earn money. So, she does what any good, clever person would. She pimps herself out for money and holiday food.

Not like that, you creeps, she pretends to be the girlfriend you need in order to get through the holidays.

BTS JungKook and a Trainee Girl’s Dating Rumors

Sorry if it sucks. We have to nail this dance for the next performance. JB help me out here! JB was smiling at his phone screen, not paying the slightest attention to Yugyeom or the rest of his group.

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You come home to your empty apartment and sit alone at your kitchen table. As you scroll through your notifications, you see nothing but hate left from fans. He sits beside you on the couch with your head on his shoulders and his arms wrapped around you as you tell him about your day. During your phone call, you get really frustrated trying to tell him about the hate you received and you start to tear up. He makes you a warm cup of tea and lets you sit on his lap as he plays with your hair.

He kisses you on the cheek every now and then, which makes you smile, making him happy. He shows up at your door in what seems like thirty seconds. When you open the door, you reveal your exhausted, tear-stained face. As you watch the movie together, you cuddle in bed.


GOT7 Imagine 3 Member: Years and years of friendship can change something sometimes. At that moment you freaked out, it was so exciting to see them on TV, even though you see them constantly in person. You started to watch them and it seems that it was an interview.

A “bed selfie” featuring GOT7’s BamBam and TWICE’s Mina caused a controversy among fans, and JYP confirms that the photo is not photoshopped.. Just today, a photo of the two idols laying down next to each other for a cat-filter selfie was uploaded onto various Korean community portals.

The quartet made their first television appearance on the fourth episode of Mnet ‘s reality-survival program Who is Next: WIN, which aired on September 6, Debut with Got It? The drama tells the story of a girl who shares dreams, love and friendship with a group of mysterious boys and gathered close to 13 million hits in total. The single contains an “Love Train”, the original Japanese song O. It sold over 35, album copies in the first week of its release and made its debut at first place on the Oricon ‘s singles chart.

Departure, Fly Tour and Flight Log: K also of 2PM.

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