Before we get to the whole potato-grave thing presumably why you came to Potsdam , we ought to talk a bit about Prussia first. What is the only state in the history of the world to be abolished by the United Nations? For most of its history Germany was a compendium of several German-speaking countries which continually swapped territory and wars between their kings and dukes. Which is exactly what happened. That stage was set in large part by Frederick Wilhelm, the Soldier King. He loved military parades and drills, and even tried to breed his own special regiment of tall soldiers called the Potsdam Giants which also sounds like a terrific baseball team. He was so enthusiastic about breeding his own regiment of super-tall Europeans that he indicated to talent scouts that he was okay with kidnapping reluctant but tall men.

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Butter 30 Since the late s grave piracy by privateers , promoted by Albert of Sweden and Mecklenburg actually directed against Margaret I of Denmark , blocked seafaring to the herring supplies at the Scania Market , thus fish prices tripled in Prussia. The Teutonic navy ruled the Baltic Sea from bases in Prussia and Gotland, and the Prussian cities provided tax revenues sufficient to maintain a significant standing force composed of Teutonic Knights proper, their retinues, Prussian peasant levies, and German mercenaries.

Though the possession of this territory by the Order strengthened ties between the Order and their secular counterparts in northern Germany, it exacerbated the already hostile relationship between the Order and Poland-Lithuania. In March , Konrad died from complications caused by gallstones and was succeeded by his younger brother, Ulrich von Jungingen. Under Ulrich, the Teutonic State fell from its precarious height and became mired in internal political strife, near-constant war with Poland-Lithuania, and crippling war debts.

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Snorre records that Harald “Grenske” was welcomed in Svithjod by “Toste…often in battle…therefore called Skoglar-Toste” and lived five years with him [68]. The name of Toste’s wife is not known. The name of Ulf’s wife is not known. Snorre names “Earl Ragnvald, Ulf’s son” when recording his [first] marriage [70]. Snorre records that Ragnvald accompanied Ingegerd to Russia and was installed as Earl of Ladoga [71].

The primary source which confirms her parentage and two marriages has not yet been identified. The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Snorre names Sigrid as daughter of “Skoglar” Toste and refers to her marriage to “the Swedish king, Eirik the Victorious” [76]. Saxo Grammaticus names “Syritha” as mother of “Erici filius Olavus” [77]. The reference to “nepos” would be consistent with Stenkil having been King Emund’s stepson.

Adam of Bremen records the death of “in Sueonia rex Stinkel” and that after this “duobus Hericis” fought each other for the kingdom [81] , the passage undated but following the record of the Norman conquest of England in Snorre records that “Steinkel, the Swedish king, died about the same time as the two Haralds fell” and was succeeded by “Hakon” [82].

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Red-carpet designer Tadashi Shoji has opened a store in King of Prussia — right in time for the season of holiday parties and charity balls. Shoji, a Japanese American designer who lives and works in Los Angeles, is best known for helping curvy red-carpet divas rack up fashion accolades. Shoji started his fashion label in , so now, at 69, he knows a thing or two about the biz. I recently chatted with Shoji about beauty, diversity, and his East Coast retail expansion to the airy 2, square-foot King of Prussa boutique.

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The mall is near the convergence of four major highways: Route , and U. Mall Boulevard passes under a portion of the shopping mall. Ramps to and from the westbound direction of the Schuylkill Expressway connect to Mall Boulevard. It is also the sole outpost in Philadelphia for a number of high-end stores. The mall employs over 7, people.

King of Prussia (also referred to as the King of Prussia Mall, KOP Mall, or simply just KOP) is the largest shopping mall in the United States in terms of gross leasable area, with a gross leasable area of 2,, square feet (, m 2).

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Be more understanding of their faults. Stop and ask yourself if this is really worth the argument. Instead, sit down with your partner and talk to them in a mature and calm manner. Women are especially guilty of nagging, which pushes men away. This is why resolving to be more understanding is a fabulous gift to your relationship. Capture the precious moments.

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Businesses in King of Prussia, which support the plan, see it as a way to make working and shopping in the regional retail hub easier. The extension is predicted to add an average of 9, trips per weekday by While the route shift addressed the most pressing concern from people in the community, many are still not pleased with the project, Cowhey said.

The vote Thursday means SEPTA has a final vision for a project that has been in the planning stages since , but many details remain to be settled. There are rights-of-way to secure and land development approvals for the five stations, and possibly zoning approvals. Most of the engineering work lies ahead, too, Smith said.

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Issued over long period of time Letter ‘K’ beneath the cannonballs, this stands for the designer – Ludwig Kachel. Medal details are quite nice. Ribbon appears original, shows wear. Considered by many to be one of the most attractive amongst the World’s orders. Unique in utilizing highly domed green glass inserts in the arms. Intricate floral motifs between arms – original ‘frosted silver’ finishing still intact.

Sword tips and hilts attached with typical, round domed rivets.

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When the Empire was abolished in , the Elector chose to remain an Elector, with or without an Empire. In , however, the area was annexed to France. When the Elector recovered it in , he preserved the previous title. This curious institution survived until the Elector, still without his Empire, chose the wrong side in and Hesse-Cassel was annexed by Prussia. Earlier, one of the line, Frederick, ended up a King of Sweden, but with no issue, nothing came of it.

The State of the Teutonic Order (German: Staat des Deutschen Ordens; Latin: Civitas Ordinis Theutonici), also called Deutschordensstaat (German: [ˈdɔʏtʃ ɔɐdənsˌʃtaːt]) or Ordensstaat ([ˈɔɐdənsˌʃtaːt]) in German, was a crusader state formed by the Teutonic Knights or Teutonic Order during the 13th century Northern Crusades along the Baltic Sea.

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If there is something stable in your life, then that should give you a reason to wake up every day and celebrate the good things in life. Reward Yourself with Goodies One of the best ways to stay motivated about the Philadelphia dating scene, or about life in general, is to reward yourself often. It can be as simple as a brand new shirt or a new haircut.

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Brandenburg-Prussia and King in Prussia In a Hohenzollern Burgrave came from the south to the March of Brandenburg and took control of the area as elector. The towns were poverty stricken, with even the largest town, Danzig , having to borrow money from elsewhere to pay for trade. These issues led to feuds, wars, trade competition and invasions.

GRAAS. Catherine GRAAS; (GROOS; GRASS) ; John GRAAS. GRABARDE. Guttormr `Groskog’; aka Guttorm GRABARDE GRABBERE (see GROBER)GRABEN. Veronica von GRABEN. GRABFELD or GRABFELDGAU or GRAPFELD. Burkhard (Burchard) II von GRABFELDGAU (? – ) ; Duke of THURINGIA ; Burkhard (Burchard) III von GRABFELDGAU (? – +) ; of THURINGIA.

Introduction to ancient Egyptian civilization Life in ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt can be thought of as an oasis in the desert of northeastern Africa, dependent on the annual inundation of the Nile River to support its agricultural population. Between the floodplain and the hills is a variable band of low desert that supported a certain amount of game.

To the south lay the far less hospitable area of Nubia , in which the river flowed through low sandstone hills that in most regions left only a very narrow strip of cultivable land. West of the Nile was the arid Sahara , broken by a chain of oases some to miles to km from the river and lacking in all other resources except for a few minerals. The eastern desert, between the Nile and the Red Sea, was more important, for it supported a small nomadic population and desert game, contained numerous mineral deposits, including gold, and was the route to the Red Sea.

To the northeast was the Isthmus of Suez. From the late 2nd millennium bce onward, numerous attacks were made by land and sea along the eastern Mediterranean coast. At first, relatively little cultural contact came by way of the Mediterranean Sea , but from an early date Egypt maintained trading relations with the Lebanese port of Byblos present-day Jbail.

Egypt needed few imports to maintain basic standards of living, but good timber was essential and not available within the country, so it usually was obtained from Lebanon. Minerals such as obsidian and lapis lazuli were imported from as far afield as Anatolia and Afghanistan. Agriculture centred on the cultivation of cereal crops, chiefly emmer wheat Triticum dicoccum and barley Hordeum vulgare.

The fertility of the land and general predictability of the inundation ensured very high productivity from a single annual crop.

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