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Teresa fled Mexico after the murder of her boyfriend El Guero. El Guero trafficked drugs for a local cartel. After his death Teresa fled to where she began working. Teresa is referred to work for Driss Larby, a businessman and low-level underworld operator in the Spanish enclave of Melilla on the North African coast. Teresa meets Santiago Fisterra, a Galician “El Gallego” who works smuggling black market goods such as cigarettes across the strait of Gibraltar into Spain, and his friend Lalo. Teresa and Santiago begin dating. A year later, Driss Larby is still furious from Teresa’s abandonment, and conspires with a Spanish Naval Officer, to have Santiago busted during a major drug run. Instead, Santiago crashes his boat into rocks at high speed and is killed, while Teresa is thrown free, arrested, and sent to jail. The two become fast friends-although the bisexual Patricia clearly wants more.

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So we have now seen that both Science and Judaism do not have the answers to the problems that the world is facing but the Christian Religions do not have the answers either. The Church of England is the richest and largest land-owner in Britain, whilst people are living in card-board boxes and poverty. The Vatican is the richest business and land-owner on Earth and takes money from the poor, all over the planet, making them poorer still, to buy paintings and sculptures which is in direct violation of the Ten Commandments, as well as gold; jew-els; stocks and shares, etc.

Between them both, the Protestant church and the Catholic church , have divided this island; caused incalculable harm; suffering; poverty and strife because of their greed and constant fighting for superiority and control over the hearts; minds and wallets of the poor misguided people of this island, who disobey Christ their King by going to church, when he commanded you NOT to. Some of whom then fight sectarian wars and murder each other, in the name of their religion, that Christ prohibited them from ever forming in the first place.

Jul 25,  · From Latin Vātī̆cānus (“ Vatican Hill ”), ultimately from vāticinārī (“ to prophesy, oracle ”). ‘Vatican’, a name dating back to the Roman Republic, would .

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It is available both via satellite and internet as Tele5 live. Deutsche Welle programming is divided into eight major genres: Business, Cars and sports, But, probably, the best thing Russia 24’s main objective is to provide viewers the latest information from all regions of the country. Russia 24 airs world’s major news, as well as news of the economy, sports, culture, high technology, special reports, investigative, Founded in France in by Michel Adam Lizovski, Fashion TV has become one of the most popular satellite channels broadcasted all over the world.

Fashion TV airs 24 hours a day and consist mostly the programs devoted to Watch now BBC One The great-grand-daddy of all global television networks and flagship of the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC One beams into more than ten million English homes every day, broadcasting twenty-four hours of commercial-free programming.

Launched in , the BBC has evolved in perfect harmony with You can also watch it online via the Internet In , Fox 5 began broadcasting their newscasts in HD. Now Fox 5 airs As part of the TVN Network it has gained widespread popularity, particularly after the USA was attacked September 11, as the newly formed channel gave thorough coverage


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It is bordered on the east by the other Celtic region of Asturias, and to the south by the country of Portugal. This Atlantic corner of North-west Spain, known as “the land of the rivers”, has a mountainous inland area, and a rugged coastline of cliffs, lagoons, beautiful beaches and small islands. The landscape is dotted with ancient dolmen, hill forts, and stone crosses and chapels.

The native name for the land is Galiza, and the people are Galegos. An ancient Celtic mother goddess named Cailleach, who’s name in Latin was ‘Calaicia’, is probably where the name Galicia originated, with the Romans calling the land Gallaecia, and the people the Gallaeci. The Galician language is one of the four official languages of Spain, spoken by most of the inhabitants of the region.

The folklore of the area shows its Celtic origins, and the traditional musical instrument is the ‘Gaita’, or bagpipe. The Region’s capital city is Santiago de Compostela, and it’s four provinces are A Coruna, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra, with a population of almost 3 million. The ancient people of Galiza left a stone legacy of thousands of Dolmen three standing stones with a huge slab across the top, forming burial chambers , or ‘Mamoas’.

The Celtic tribes had heavily settled the area by the 5th century B. Celtic ruins of Castro de Santa Tegra, southern Galicia, looking north Re-discovered in , with the last excavation in , only part of the ruins have been uncovered, showing houses, stores, workshops, yards and granaries, and even rainwater ditches and tanks.

The population may have been people of the Grovii tribe, and it is thought this was an important center controlling maritme traffic along the coast and up-river, dying off after the arrival of the Romans, with their new roads and settlements on lower land. Also up the mountain is an old Christian pilgrimage road, lined with huge crosses and rest areas, with many stairs leading to the old hermitage of Santa Tegra, with it’s courtyard and outbuildings.

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The language in the country 2. General information on the language community There is no dat for this topic. Geographical and language background Galicia is in the far north-west of the Iberian peninsula. Since it has possessed the status of an autonomous community within Spain. The capital is Santiago de Compostela.

She was born in Fes, Morocco, to a Moroccan mother and a Galician father. She began dating television actor Christian Kane in Will be modeling in Viva Glam Magazine June She speaks English, Spanish, Arabic, and German. Sofia is a woman with a brain. In her teens started a .

It remains a source of contention, however, as some citizens would rather have the institutions recognize Galician as a Portuguese variety, and therefore opt for the use of the Portuguese writing system, perhaps with some adaptations. A revised edition was published in , with some minor changes towards Portuguese orthography. Currently, there are two different writing systems, but only one is official. The official orthography is approved by RAG and is used by official institutions, in education, and by most writers.

Until , there was a third writing system of commitment between the official system and reintegrationism, but their supporters now accept the official norm. In and , there were meetings between all of the Portuguese-speaking countries, in order to establish a spelling reform there are some minor spelling differences between Portugal and Brazil, just as between British and American English. Galicia was invited to take part in the meetings, but the Galician government that claims that Galician is not Portuguese ignored the invitation.

However, an unofficial commission formed by Galician linguists was sent, and took part in both meetings. Galician was the only language in spoken use, and Latin was used, to a decreasing extent, as a written language. This monopoly on spoken language was able to exert such pressure in the 13th century , that it led to a situation of dual official status for Galician and Latin in notarial documents, edicts, lawsuits, etc.

From the 9th century , the language spoken in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula was so different from Latin, that Latin and Galician could be already considered two separate languages. Nevertheless, written texts in Galician have only been found dating from the end of the 12th century , because Latin continued to be the cultured language not only in Galicia, but also throughout medieval Europe.

The first non-literary documents in Galician date from the early 13th century, the Noticia de Torto and the Testamento of Afonso II of Portugal , both samples of medieval notarial prose. After the separation of Portuguese and Galician, Galician was considered provincial, and it was not widely used for literary or academic purposes until its renaissance in the mid- 19th century.

Money Talks: Chinese investors eye Spanish town of Galicia